Book fair

Marketing in New Zealand has begun. With the publication of Kiwi on the Camino: A Walk that Changed My Life, I have made so many new, wonderful friends. People have been excited to meet ‘a published author’. (I add the caveat, “a self-published author!” I continue to be amazed at, and grateful for, the interest and excitement that Kiwi on the Camino is generating.
With Bruce, I attended the CBANZ book fair in Auckland. The wholesalers and retailers present were so encouraging and supportive of me and Kiwi on the Camino. The feedback was that the book is well written. Every wholesaler present has taken copies of Kiwi on the Camino home with them and have described their promotion plan for the sale of this book.
I have learnt much about the need for a marketing plan. Writing a well-crafted book was challenging. I am so naive. I had no idea I would need to become a marketer of my book. If marketing is about forming relationships, then I am happy to learn how to market my book. I believe in relationships. The heart of life is relationship. I have now spent three days forming new relationships, face to face, with people who run bookshops. I have had serious conversations with these pros – and they have given me so many words of wisdom. Thank you. A few of these generous folk took me aside to give me tips about marketing Kiwi on the Camino. Why did they expend the energy and time to do so? One of them said to me, “it is because you are a good writer.” How humbling to have such positive and encouraging feedback.
For those of you who may be interested in how I thought and approached my writing, I have a blog on BalboaPress, the self-publishing company which helped me turn my dream into becoming a published author, a reality. If you go to and hit the ‘blog’ button, my blog will come up. In this blog I talk about my publishing journey.
I have not posted photos on this blog site. At the moment I am loading photos onto my facebook site. Please visit my public facebook site – vivianneflintoffbooks

Buen Camino

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