Growing a new career

Growing a career when I have decided to live a slower live is becoming somewhat of an oxymoron. I am loosing my new slower routines as I attempt to cross off the ever increasing list of ‘must do’s’ now I have a published book. There are author and writer societies to join, writers’ groups to attend as well as writing workshops and seminars. There are retail shops to cold call on and that needs a marketing plan. The marketing plan has been on my list for days now, but seems to slip out of sight.
And then there are friends to help and visit. These are very important people to me who helped me craft Kiwi on the Camino into its final version. I have been thinking about the difference between ‘urgent’ and ‘important’. Is it possible that urgent actually is less important than ‘important’? Can that be so? I decided today to let the urgent slip down the list to let the important take place. With that shift, my breathing slowed down and I felt my body relax.
People are important. Tasks become urgent.

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