I Dreamed Two Dreams

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but when I do I take note of them. I dreamed two dreams several nights apart and both had elements of fear in them with a sense of loss and grief. The first dream had me fearing for my life. A gunman was after me and during the dream, shot dead a companion of mine. He continued to pursue me. The second dream was of me present in a house that was being robbed. There were young children with me. The thieves were stealing valuable art work from the walls.
After a few days of thought, reflection and prayer, I came to the conclusion that the dreams were about my writing – the art of crafting words. The threat of the gunman was the threat to the life of my creative self and the threat of art work was a similar threat – a threat to the art of writing. The children were a symbol of the vulnerability of my hopes and dreams about writing.
These two dreams came within nights of each other and at a time when I was feeling very despondent post publication of KIWI ON THE CAMINO. The daunting task of marketing a self-published book with all the ensuing blocks was inviting me to ‘give up’ the effort of publicity and marketing KIWI ON THE CAMINO.
The dreams, with their fear and threat of loss of something that is very precious to me – the art of crafting manuscripts – gave me hope to hold on and to persevere. When I came to understand my dreams, things changed. Three sources confirmed they would review KIWI ON THE CAMINO and a fourth has left the door open for a possible review. Hope was once again kindled that KIWI ON THE CAMINO would at least get a chance of being known by the reading public.
I take a wider hope from these dreams as well; that is for all of us who aspire to create, in whatever form that may be, that we hold onto our dreams, and that we become even more tenacious when the way is dark and discouraging.
May we hold onto our dreams and hopes.

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