Seasons and changes

20170919_120958 (002)

Spring has arrived at at last. We have had just a few sunny days and this photo was taken on one of them. We are having soup and  bread for lunch seated out on the small deck. This is our sole table at this house which up to 18 months ago was our home – the rest of our furniture is in storage. We are busy renovating so that the house can go on the market. Little writing is taking place with the focus of selling our former home so we can build up at the beach among the bush and birds, overlooking the harbour. We hope to have a commanding view over the water in the beautiful spot we are calling home and I loved looking out over the water and bush while writing Kiwi on the Camino. 

Tonight I received two emails from women who have just completed reading Kiwi on the Camino. Both encouraged me to keep writing. I look forward to beginning to re-focus so that I can pick up my second book where I left off.  The working title is: Living a slower life. I invite response to this proposed title.

I find I have an ongoing challenge in remembering to slow down, to breathe and focus with gratitude on each moment.





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