Creativity and Spontaneity

John O’Donohue is a writer I respect and appreciate very much. In Anam Cara he writes, “One of the lovely things in the Celtic mind was the sense of spontaneity. Spontaneity is one of the greatest spiritual gifts. To be spontaneous is to escape the age of the ego by trusting that which is beyond the self (p. 118). I like these thoughts. One of the reasons I left my last place of work to write Kiwi on the Camino was the desire to live my life more creatively and spontaneously. I enjoy the freedom to be spontaneous without the enforced times of meeting attendance and routine of times for the beginning and ending of days. I am privileged indeed to be able to choose what time I rise, how I spend my day and then what time I go to bed. The daylight is often the dictator in my rising and going to bed. So much kinder than an alarm clock. While walking the Camino de Santiago, one of my biggest lessons was to learn to trust. To trust that the day would bring to me what I needed for that day and to let the care and concern for tomorrow wait until the next day. Trust is one of the ongoing principles of pilgrimage that I continue to cherish.

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