Silence and Solitude

To be at peace with myself, others and the earth, I need time to myself. I need to be quiet so that I can hear my own thoughts and rest in each moment, preferably with gratitude. The longer I have away from times of silence and solitude, the harder I find it is to stay with being grateful, an attitidue which I think is so essential to my well-being.

There is of course a place, and a necessity, for activity. At the moment, with my husband, we are busy renovating our home with the view of putting it up for sale within the next fortnight. The house is looking better by the day and it will be a grief to let it go. However, we cannot hold on to everything, despite  encouragement from the voice of sentiment. To keep the current path of living life daily within the principles of pilgrimage, I need to live a slower, quieter life.

With the publication of Kiwi on the Camino: A Walk that Changed My Life, the requirement to market and sell my book is dominating my life outside of house renovations. I understand that even authors who are fortunate enough to publish through traditional publishing houses, find themselves having to market their book. It is a challenge. The time and energy needed takes me away from the writing space. Once the house is sold, I will intentionally be creative about setting days aside once again for writing.


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