Living with a level of physical pain

I am aware that so many in the world live with constant pain. Living with constant physical pain is new to me and my situation is not permanent. I slipped on a wooden deck some six weeks ago. When I got myself up off the deck I told myself, “I have got off lightly indeed.” I experienced no pain at all, but over the next few weeks, I started to experience pain in my left hip. I mistakenly did not go to the doctor. ‘Too busy’. How silly. I have been going to an osteopath which in the past has given quick relief. Not this time. I finally had an ultrasound and I have small tears deep in the thigh muscles. I stopped walking, then dropped off some stretches, but still I keep needing to pop pain killers.

I have noticed that my emotions fluctuate according to the amount of pain I am experiencing. How do other people, who experience constant pain remain hopeful and engaged in life? Of course, I too remain hopeful and engaged, but sometimes I have been challenged to answer questions without being short.

My hope is that when my pain has gone when healing is complete, that I will retain compassion and empathy for those I meet who have pain as a constant companion.

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