Changes with the change of season

Bruce waiting for Norma to be pulled out

Summer is so very welcome. I’ve had a view days back in the city of Hamilton, NZ, and what a difference the sunny warm days have made. Usually on my morning walks, no one greets me. After a few days of warm sunshine everyone looks at me and smiles. Even those riding their bikes and who come up from behind me greet me as they pedal passed. They all smile. The weather has been so wet for so many months and now, everyone I meet has raised faces and look happy.

And Bruce and I are now back in Coromandel. We are so blessed and are grateful we live in such a beautiful place. The photo is of our 100 year old single plank kauri launch. She is on her trailer waiting to be towed out of the water. It is time for her six monthly water-blast and anti-foul. There are not many old wooden boats left in the country and we have many hours of fun aboard our old boat. Thank goodness we have a ‘real’ summer again after years of rainy, windy summer days.

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