Some learnings about myself


I continue to learn many things – most of which are about myself. Things I thought I had laid to rest, are rising from their dormancy. Fortunately, when I talk of these things with friends, they laugh, and I know they love me while knowing all along, that these personality and character traits have not ceased to breathe. Dare I say that these aspects about me, which trouble me, are some of the things that make me unique? And even lovable?

I have felt flat with the (re)discovery of ambitions which had been hiding. Spring is a time of new life and a vibrancy of growth. Yet my energy does not match that of the physical world around me. I know, however, that it is in these flat times, without adrenaline to speed me on my way,the secrets of my intimate self – the creative gifts can come forth. It is in the darkness where my soul dwells that my creativity can be rekindled.

For now, I rest, remember to slow down and be quiet and I will embrace the flat feeling, looking forward to the return of energy. I welcome this period of grace wherein something new can come forth.


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